Minimum Housing Standards

The following is an outline of the process regarding minimum housing standards complaints. Please carefully review the list to ensure you meet the criteria for assistance under this ordinance.

1) Are you receiving any government assistance? If you are receiving certain types of assistance we will not be able to assist you. The agency you receive assistance from will need to address the issues. (Housing Choice Voucher Program – formally known as Section 8)

2) Are you current on rent? If you are NOT current on rent we will not be able to assist you until you are current. In most instances a landlord is not required by law to make repairs if rent or other fees are past due.

3) Have you given proper notice to the landlord? Proper notice consists of sending a notice to the landlord via Certified Mail (keep a copy of the letter for yourself also). In the notice you must list all items that require repair/replacement and give the landlord a reasonable amount of time to make the corrections.

4) If you are not receiving housing assistance, are up to date and current on all rent and fees owed to the landlord and have given the landlord proper notice by Certified Mail and the issues have not been resolved within the reasonable amount of time you have given. You can request a Code Enforcement Officer come to your rental unit and check the violations.

5) The Code Enforcement Officer will review the violations in your residence and compile a list of the violations and send a notice to the landlord. (Not all issues may be required to be corrected under the Minimum Housing Standards Code.)

6) The landlord will have 30 days in which to make the required corrections or citations may be issued. In certain cases landlords can request an extension to correct certain violations which will prolong the 30 days allowed to make the corrections.

Remember it is always important to have a copy of your signed lease agreement in writing.

Taking action under this code does not prevent you from pursuing other remedies available to you under Texas state law.

A physical copy of the Tenants’ Rights Handbook is available upon request from the Code Enforcement Division, you may access a digital version here.