Municipal Court 

The Wichita Falls Municipal Court is part of the Texas Judiciary, one of the three branches of government created by the Texas Constitution. The role of the court is to provide a fair, independent, and impartial forum for handling and deciding fine-only criminal cases arising within the Wichita Falls city limits. These include traffic, minor penal code, and city ordinance cases. The court provides all persons the right to trial by judge or jury and follows the procedures set forth under Texas law.

Covid-19 Restrictions

Starting on January 1st, 2021:  All courtroom hearings will only be held via Zoom unless the defendant does not have access to the internet. Day-to-day business (i.e. payments) will continue as normal.  To access the virtual courtroom click “Attend Online Court Proceedings” below. Vulnerable persons (over 65 or with an underlying health condition) that are unable to attend court hearings via zoom should contact the court via phone for other arrangements.

Please call the court prior to your hearing to notify that you will be appearing by zoom at 940-761-7880.

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