Development Interactive Map

The City of Wichita Falls has collected information from all departments to display data for public use on its Geographic Information Systems (GIS) interactive map. The City continually strives to provide information to its citizens and development community through interactive web applications.  The Development Interactive Map has information used to assist with general developmental questions such as:

  • What is my zoning?

  • Where is the floodplain?

  • Is this property within a historic district? 

Development Interactive Map

For information on parcel access to public utilities (water, sewer, drainage) or easements, contact Public Works at 940/761-7477

The Development Interactive Map includes the following information:

  • Parcel Data

  • Zoning

  • Historic Districts and Sites

  • Floodplain

  • Thoroughfare Plan

  • 4B Sales Tax Corporation Grant Eligible Boundaries

  • Tax Increment Finance District 2 

  • Tax Increment Finance District 3

  • Tax increment Finance District 4

  • Hike & Bike Trails

How to use the Development Interactive Map? 

The interactive map functions are similar to any other web-based mapping application, with the unique feature of information suited for development in Wichita Falls. A link to a manual illustrating the tools and general usage of the map, is available below. 

Development Interactive Map Manual