Ordinances Enforced

Areas of Responsibility

The City of Wichita Falls Code Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of several areas of the City Ordinance. Click the Chapter, Section and Article links listed next to the topics below to view the related ordinance.

Please Note: Any complaints involving vehicles or items on a public street other than trash containers or basketball goals at the curb should be directed to the Wichita Falls Police Department at 940.720.5000

Illegal Dumping of Refuse Chapter 94-9
Weeds, Rubbish, and Unsanitary Matter Chapter 46-186
Outdoor Storage Chapter 46-217
Front Yard Parking / Required Off-Street Parking (Commercial)
Appendix B Sec. 6210.27
Unsecured Vacant Structures Chapter 50-61 2015 (Int. Fire Code Sec. 311.2.1)
Hazardous / Dilapidated Structures Chapter 22-602
Minimum Housing Standards Chapter 22-541
Required Easement Maintenance
Chapter 46-184
Fencing Requirements Appendix B Sec. 4220
Swimming Pool Enclosures
Chapter 22-676
Storage on Public Right-of-Way Chapter 46-224
Curbside Trash Container Placement Chapter 90-24
Trees Overhanging Streets and Sidewalks Chapter 94-11
Storage on Sidewalks and Alleys Chapter 94-13
Sidewalk Obstruction Chapter 94-133
Vehicles For Sale on Parking Lots Appendix B Sec. 6210.2
Permitted Uses in Zoning Districts Appendix B Sec. 3010
Garage Sales Appendix B Sec. 5130.4
Home Occupations Appendix B Sec. 5100
Sign Regulations Appendix B Sec. 6700
Graffiti Chapter 78-41
Meddling with Receptacles Chapter 90-22 (d)(e)
Required Water Supply to Dwellings
Chapter 22-713
Donation Box Requirements Chapter 46-290
Address Numbers for Businesses and Residence Houses Chapter 94-324
Temporary Storage Units Chapter 46-321

To report grass clippings being blown into the street please contact the Public Works Environmental Division at 940.761.7670