Ordinance Videos

§14.198 - Livestock Permit Ordinance

If you have ever wondered why the City of Wichita Falls has ordinances regarding livestock and fowl permits in the city limits, this video should answer those questions. Ordinances are in place to protect the health, safety, comfort, and welfare of the citizens and animals of our city. Keep watching to learn more.

§14.298 - Animal Nuisance Ordinance

Two common animal issues that can be disruptive to the community - animal feces and excessive barking - are addressed in this informational video featuring Wichita Falls District 1 City Councilor Michael Smith.  Watch more and learn more about these ordinances, or check out any others we have.

§14.41 - Rabies Ordinance

The best way to protect our pets - and ourselves - against rabies is to keep your animals vaccinated. That's why the City of Wichita Falls has an ordinance requiring residents to vaccinate their pets against rabies and booster shots. Local veterinarian Dr. Jered Harlan, who is also on the board of health, talks about the importance of the rabies vaccine to a healthy community.

§14.431 - Quarantine Ordinance

In Wichita Falls, as in many other jurisdictions, pet owners must quarantine their pets if the animal has bitten or scratched someone and broken the skin. In this case, failure to quarantine your pet is taken very seriously by the City of Wichita Falls. Watch this video to learn more.

§14.452 - Shelter Ordinance

The City of Wichita Falls has ordinances regarding food, water, shelter, and tethering that play a crucial role in the health and humanity of our community. This ordinance is essential to protect the health and safety of pets in Wichita Falls, and this video discusses basic responsible pet ownership and the implications on a community.