Bed & Breakfast Establishment

A Bed and Breakfast is a residential building operating as a Lodging Establishment which offers rooms to rent and serves breakfast to overnight guests. A bed and breakfast does not mean a short-term residential rental in which the host occupies the primary dwelling structure on the property as their primary residence. Bed and Breakfasts have increased in popularity and demand over the last few years. The Environmental Health Division of the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District does not permit every Bed and Breakfast in Wichita County. See below for when a permit is required.

Lodging Permit Required:

  • Has seven or more guest rooms

Food Permit Required: (and possibly a Grease Trap Permit)

  • Serves more than just breakfast (such as lunch, and/or dinner) regardless of the number of guest rooms

The Health District does NOT permit Air BnBs and Air BnB type establishments.

Bed and breakfast