Mobile Stage Rental

Guidelines for Rental

Renters must be a resident of the City of Wichita Falls.

The Stage will not be available for rent on the following days: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Rental of the Stage and its accessories cannot be made less than three (3) weeks in advance of the event or more than six (6) months in advance of the event. The Parks & Recreation Director has the authority to waive the three (3) week requirement if it is determined that the reservation process can be executed in less than the three (3) week time period.

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•The Stage will be available for rental within the Wichita Falls City limits, only.
•Planned activities must be approved by Parks & Recreation.
•The City of Wichita Falls reserves the right to refuse rental of the Stage for any event deemed inappropriate to the best interests of the City or a potential hazard to the unit or its operators.

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Fees and Refunds

A non-refundable, reservation fee in the amount of $100.00 is due immediately upon City approval of the rental. This fee is to reserve the date and will be retained by the City should the rental be cancelled by the renter. In the event the City should have to cancel the rental, the deposit will be refunded in full.

The reservation deposit will be deducted from the rental fee if the event is held. Payment of all other fees is due by twenty (20) business days prior to date of use. All fees will be deposited. Failure to meet payment deadline may result in forfeiture of reservation deposit and cancellation of rental.

Fees and Refunds

In the event the City cannot deliver the Stage and fulfill its part of the agreement, a full refund including all deposits will be made. The City will not be held further responsible. The renter will be billed for any additional man- hours needed for any event that goes beyond the scheduled times.

If Parks & Recreation is called back after the Stage is delivered and erected, for any reason, a call back fee will be charged and deducted from the deposit.

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Stage Fee

Reservation Fee (Non-Refundable)$100.00
Stage Rental Fee (Includes the Non-Refundable Fee)$525.00 Per Day
Cleanup/Damage Deposit (Refundable)$1000.00
Call Back Fee$50.00 Per Call Back
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Accessory Fees-These items are available only with rental of the Mobile Stage

7000 Watt Generator$75.00 Per Day with Fuel
Decorative Stage Skirt$15.00 Per Day
Sound System: 20 Channel Mixer,
2 Speakers, 4 Microphones with Stands
$100.00 Per Day

Stage Rental Packet

To rent the Mobile Stage download the Stage Rental Packet, fill out all required information and bring it to the Recreation office at 600 11th Street, Room 209, With Payment to complete the rental procedure.