ISO Class 1

ISO is an independent organization that evaluates a community’s ability to respond to fires. The evaluation considers dozens of elements within the fire department, water department and dispatch center. Most of the country’s major insurers use the ISO rating in their premium calculations.

 Every ten (10) years, the city is subject to an Insurance Services Office (ISO) evaluation.  ISO uses a scoring system that results in communities being rated 1 through 10, with 1 being considered the strongest or most capable.  ISO has evaluated 39,378 communities with only 1% achieving a Class 1 rating.

 In 2010, the city was upgraded from an ISO Class 3 to an ISO Class 2 with a score of 82.75 out of 106.50 available points.  ISO conducted their most recent evaluation in July of 2020 and recommended an upgrade to an ISO Class 1 based upon an overall score of 95.18.  

 Wichita Falls joins less than 400 other jurisdictions who have achieved an ISO Class 1 rating.  This designation is a testament to the efforts of those within the fire department, water department and dispatch center along with the strategic and financial support provided these departments by city leadership and our city council.

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