The City of Wichita Falls Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) and Parks and Recreation oversee the Adopt-A-Trail Program. This program encourages families, neighborhoods, community or civic groups, businesses, youth groups, schools, and individuals to get involved in the beautification of the Circle Trail by allowing partners to adopt sections of the trail. These civic partnerships allow citizens to take pride in their community and help keep the costs of litter collection under control.

WFFFA sign

The Adopt-A-Trail program is a two-year commitment. The agreement calls for four annual cleanups, and it asks trail partners to provide cleanup reports to the city after each event.  

Circle Trail assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Maintenance will include litter pick up and debris removal. The City of Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation Department will continue to provide regular maintenance to each adopted area.

For more information, contact the City of Wichita Falls Environmental Coordinator by phone at (940) 761-7670 or by email at

As a special thank you, the City of Wichita Falls will acknowledge a group’s commitment and dedication with a sign along the adopted trail that displays the group’s name.  The sign will not be put up until one cleanup event is held. 

Sections of the Circle Trail that are currently adopted. 

  1. Lake Wichita Dam (~1.15 miles) - Wichita Falls FFA
  2. Lake Wichita (after WF FFA section) to Fairway Blvd. (~1.54 miles) - Bike Wichita Falls
  3. Lucy Park (behind Sanitation) to Scott St. (~1.20 miles) - Girl Scouts Wichita Falls Service Unit 812
  4. Scott St. to River Rd. (~1.50 miles) - Northwest Texas Council, Boy Scouts of America
  5. River Rd. to 240/Martin Luther King (~1.34 miles) - Omega Delta Phi
  6. 240/Martin Luther King to Old Jacksboro Hwy. (~1.48 miles) - Tau Kappa Epsilon Mu-gamma
  7. Old Jacksboro to Hamilton Blvd. (~1.45 miles) - Environmental Student Organization Midwestern State University
  8. Hamilton Blvd. to Weeks Park Lane (~1.35 miles) - Sigma Kappa Gamma Tau 
  9. Seymour Hwy. to Loop 11 (~1.53 miles) Wichita Bluffs - Wichita Falls Runners Club

Trail sections are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up soon!