Local Regulatory Controls and Enforcement

The City of Wichita Falls enforces ordinances to control the discharge of storm waters into the various watercourses of the City for the purpose of promoting the health, safety and general welfare of the population while minimizing or eliminating dangers of flooding to life and property. Additionally, the City aims to minimize storm water runoff pollution to our existing river, streams and lakes improving the quality of life of our citizens and aquatic life.

Over the next five years, the City of Wichita Falls plans to improve existing and pass additional ordinances to better protect our storm water. The City will develop and approve enforcement standards for illegal discharges into the storm water collection system, adopt procedures to inspect construction sites for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan requirements and create an ordinance to improve post-construction maintenance.

Storm Water Management Ordinance 

Grease Interceptors, Installation and Disposal of Waste Ordinance

Sewage Disposal System Ordinance