Fire Compensation and Benefits

After completion of the probationary period of one year, Firefighters have Civil Service Rights and Protection under Texas Local Government Code 143 and the City of Wichita Falls Civil Service Rules. After two years of service in each rank, sworn personnel are eligible to test for promotion to the next higher rank.


(Base salaries are quoted for FY 2019-2020)
Code Position Base Starting Base Maximum
5110 Firefighter Trainee $34,652.80

5111 Firefighter $47,679.84 $62,899.20
5112 Fire Equipment Operator (FEO) $63,039.60 $68,234.40
5113 Fire Lieutenant $68,374.80 $74,018.88
5114 Fire Captain $75,226.32
5115 Fire Battalion Chief $86,682.96 $91,990.08
5116 Assistant Fire Chief $99,985.60 $106,100.80
5119 Fire Marshall and Battalion Chief - 80 hour Schedule $86,682.96 $91,990.08

Certification Pay

Certification pay is available for Intermediate, Advanced, and Master Certifications. Certifications are received from Texas Commission on Fire Protection upon meeting the required training and experience.
Level Pay Per Month
Intermediate Certification $80.00 per month
Advanced Certification $125.00 per month
Master Certification $150.00 per month

Longevity Pay

Longevity pay is obtained for each year of service as a Firefighter for the City of Wichita Falls up to a maximum of $3,564 a year after 15 years.

Vacations, Holidays and Sick Leave

Firefighters accrue 0-9 years accrue 15 vacation days, 10-14 years accrue 17 vacation days, 15+ years accrue 20 vacation days, and 15 sick days a year. Firefighters may accrue unlimited sick days, and can be paid for 90 days upon separation. Firefighters also accrue 9 holidays and 2 personal holidays a year.


Firefighters pay into the Firemen's Pension fund at a rate of 13%, Firefighters enjoy 20 year vesting and retirement can be drawn at the age of 50.