Wichita Falls RC Airpark- Learn to Fly

Never Too Old or Young to Learn to Fly

Ever wanted to try RC flying? Its easy with a Buddy Box. There are two sets of controls. You get one and an experienced trainer gets the other. Any corrections that might need to be made while you're flying are made by the trainer.

Contact Us

Tony Breyen 940-733-2803 or
Frank Jarratt 940-631-9768

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What You'll Do

A trainer will give you an overview of how the controls work and what they do to the aircraft to enable it to takeoff, fly and land.

You'll do a preflight check on the aircraft, taxi onto the runway and zoom into the sky. Once up, your trainer will show you how to establish stable flight, turn, decend, climb, maybe do a few acrobatic moves and then land. There's a good chance you'll be hooked after your first flight!

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