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Wichita Falls Police Academy

The WFPD Police Academy began training officers 20 years before the State of Texas established training criteria under the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Trainees are provided all needed uniforms, books and equipment except for the trainee's handgun. Trainees are paid to attend the 28 week academy. Information on the hiring process, pay and benefits is located on the Recruiting Page

Academy Training

Training during the academy is conducted at the Public Safety Training Center. TCOLE certified instructors will guide you through the basic licensing course and prepare you for the State Licensing Exam. Much of the training is conducted through "scenario-based training" allowing the trainees to practice their skills in a controlled, real-world environment prior to entering the Field Training Program.

Training is usually scheduled from 0730 - 1630 Monday - Friday although times are subject to change. Training courses during the academy will include Use of Force, Defensive Tactics, Physical Training, Police Driving and Firearms to name a few.

More Information:

Sgt Brett Keith at 940-720-5028.