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Citizen Police Academy Association

  1. Citizen Police Academy Association Survey

    CPAA Members and past CPA Graduates - please take a moment to share your opinions and provide us with feedback about the Association.


  1. 2016 National Night Out Registration Form

    National Night Out this year is Tuesday, October 4. If your neighborhood or organization is hosting a NNO party or event, please let... More…

  2. Beautification Nomination Form
  3. Change Your Address
  4. Citizen Request for Services Form
  5. Contact Us (Dropdown)
  6. Fix It Form
  7. Group Reservation Form
  8. Police - Financial Crimes ALERT request

    The ALERT program is intended to inform businesses, via email, of criminal activity in the Wichita Falls Community, i.e., forgeries,... More…

  9. Safety & Risk Management Concerns
  1. Accommodation & Facility Access Request Form
  2. Board of Interest Form
  3. Citizen Police Academy Application
  4. Citizen's Radar / Traffic Enforcement Request
  5. Crime Stoppers
  6. General Inquiry / Request for Service / Complaint Form
  7. Itinerant Merchant, Peddler, Solicitor Application
  8. Risk Management Claim for Damage Form

    Claim Filing Procedure Form

  9. Volunteer Application