Ornamental Structures continued

This cooperative project with the Traffic Control Division has proven to be a success for all parties. The structures help to significantly cool the control boxes which increases signal reliability and reduces maintenance costs. There are plans for several more structures to be added in the years to come. 


Brook & Seymour Hwy.

This is the location where the program began. Even though the first structure was fairly simple in design, it brought to life a new concept of landscaping. The ornamental structure was so well received by the public that plans were made to add a new one each year until all the major intersections each had their own unique building.

The original was a single story pagoda. In 1994 it had to be enlarged to accommodate a bigger traffic box and it became a two story pagoda which was subsequently moved to the Jacksboro / Midwestern Triangle in 2006. The new structure at the Brook & 5th Street intersection is an elegant looking tower.

Brook Structure
Brook Structure - 2012


Seymour Hwy & Loop 11

The second structure was placed at this multi-triangle intersection and the area was landscaped with flowerbeds and Japanese Black Pines. The landscape complemented the theme of the oriental styled structure.

Oriental Tea House ii


Jacksboro Hwy & Midwestern Parkway

In continuing the effort of city wide beautifcation, the Parks Maintenance Division built their 3rd structure and landscaped a triangle in the southeast part of the city.

The original pagoda had a narrower second level. The present structure was moved from the Brook Triangle in February of 2006. The old structure will be incorporated into a future building.

Jacksboro Midwestern


Old Iowa Park Rd. & Sheppard Access Rd.

The median beautification program moved to the northwest part of the city with the 4th building. A southwestern style jailhouse was erected.
This structure introduced a stucco type of exterior and it is landscaped with yucca in keeping with the desert theme.
Although a decrease in traffic volume caused the control signals to be removed in 2004, the landscape and structure remain.

Santa Fe Jailhouse


Jacksboro Hwy / East Scott St.

The structure designers and builders really put their imaginations and skills to the test with this building.

An intersection in the eastern part of town was chosen and the division transformed the median and triangle with new landscaping and an "English Cottage" style structure.

This building is one of the most talked about by local citizens as well as travelers passing thru.

English Cottage


Seymour Hwy. & Sunset Dr.

The primary entrance to Lucy Park was chosen as the site for the 6th structure.

The area was somewhat confined, but turned out to be a great location for one of the division's colorful structures and landscaping projects.



Jacksboro Hwy. & Central Freeway (Hwy 287)

The 7th of the ornamental structures was located on a triangle next to a major traffic artery in an attempt to help bring interest to the Wichita Falls area. 

The division transformed the landscape and determined that the location needed a tall structure to attract the attention of travelers. The end result was a 20 foot tall bell tower with a copper colored roof.

Bell Tower II


9th & Kemp

The Parks Maintenance Division envisioned this intersection to be a perfect location for a "lighthouse" styled structure. It sits on the north ridge of a sizeable hill welcoming southbound Kemp Street traffic with a working beacon and illuminated windows.



Spur 325 & Hwy. 240

The median leading into Sheppard Air Force Base seemed to be a perfect location for the next structure. After consulting with base officials about the design, it was decided to construct a guard tower style structure.



Midwestern Parkway & Hampstead

After a decade of success with the structure program, the huge triangle at Midwestern Parkway and Hampstead was chosen for what would be the most challenging "cover-up" to date. A medieval theme was chosen and a castle complete with a rock wall and moat (flowers) was designed and built. The construction of the fortress wall drew great attention and created anticipation of the building to come. The actual structure was transported to the sight after midnight and covered up. The next morning the castle was unveiled in a televised ceremony amidst great fanfare. We hope the community and city are as proud of it as we are
Castle III


Kell East & Indiana

The ornamental structure program continued in 2003 after it was set aside for a period to concentrate on constructing the department's new tree transplanting system.

Responding to citizen and council requests for a structure to be built in the east part of the city, the designers came up with a large clock tower, and the intersection leading to the Emanuel Davis Overpass was chosen as the location. The tower's roof peaks at 20 feet and the clock itself is 3 feet in diameter.



Maplewood and Lawrence Rd.

In 2003 the team began work designing and constructing a working Water Mill. The imagination and ingenuity of the structure designers and builders was really put to the test with this endeavor.

The resulting structure was featured at the 2004 Texas Recreation and Parks Society Convention hosted by the City of Wichita Falls at the MPEC Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall.  The Water Mill garnered rave reviews and was the talk of the convention.

In 2017 the Water Mill found a permanent home at the intersection of Maplewood and Lawrence Road where it is seen and enjoyed by thousands of motorists daily.

TRAPS Water Mill
Water Mill and Pond from the SE
Water Mill Flower Bed and Flume