Food Division Fees

Fee increased effective October 1, 2015

Food Establishment Permits:

Process 1 (low to moderare risk) $200.00

Process 2 (high risk) $225.00

Process 3 (very high risk) $300.00

Temporary events: $30 for non-profit event, $50.00 for for-profit event

Late charge for renewal of permits which have already expired: $25.00

An additional permitting fee of $125.00 will be charged to a food establishment for each of the following activities at the establishment: Meat Market, Catering, Bakery,Snack Bar, Fish Market and Commissary

Seasonal Permit: $175.00

Note: No establishment may obtain a Food Permit without first applying for and receiving a Grease Trap Permit, which may be applied for at the same time as the food permit.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Permit:


Soft Serve Ice Cream School - $20.00 (Good for 2 years)

Reinspection fee: $75.00

Sample Fee: $25.00

Food Handler Class Fee:


Replacement food handler card: $5.00

Plan Review Fees:

New construction: $150.00

Extensive remodel that requires construction: $100.00

Each requested site visit: $50.00

Concept change that requires change of equipment: $100.00