Vacant Structure Registry 

As part of the City Council Strategic Plan Goal of Redeveloping Downtown, a vacant structure registry ordinance (DT VSRO) for a large section of the Downtown (area was passed in February 2021 and will be implemented beginning October 1, 2021. This ordinance requires maintenance to the exterior of commercial structures located in the greater downtown area. The maintenance will help increase community life safety standards, as well as beautify downtown as part of the City’s long-term Strategic Plan. 

Properties can be registered online by utilizing the link below. As always, staff will be happy to assist you in the registration process.

Click HERE to register your property.

Items You Will Need to Include to Register a Property Online

  • Completed Owner and Property Information 

*Note: Please contact the City of Wichita Falls Planning Division at (940) 761-7451 or email; if you need assistance with your property address and/or Legal Description.

  • Property Plan of Action

(future use and/or plans for the property, maintenance measures and timeline for any needed corrective measures)

  • Trespass Affidavit

Click here for Affidavit

*Note: Please contact the City of Wichita Falls Planning Division at (940) 761-7451 or email; if you need assistance. 

  • Floor Plan of Building (if architectural drawing not available, floor plan can be hand drawn)
  • Proof of Liability Insurance for Property

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Click HERE to register a property.

Registration Fees

Registration fees can be paid online.

  • Registration Fee ($150)
  • Inspection Fee ($100)

Fee Waiver

If applying for a fee waiver, please make sure to include the following in your online registration:

  • Information Requesting Fee Waiver and Reason for the Request
  • Supporting Documentation for Fee Waiver Request

Property Inspection

As part of the registration process, an on-site inspection will need to be conducted by the City's Chief Building Official and Fire Marshal. These appointments will be scheduled by the Building Inspections Division following online registration, and will be the last step in fully registering a property.

On-site inspections consist of an in-person walk-through of the building with the property owner and/or property representative to observe if any major structural defects are present in the building, including but not limited to: roof condition, stairwell and/or other major structural elements of the building. This inspection is NOT a check of aesthetic and/or minor code conditions that may be present in the building. Following inspection by the Chief Building Official and Fire Marshal, corrective items may need to be addressed to finalize the inspections and finish registration of the property.

Online Registration

Click Here to Register Your Property 

*Note If you need assistance in registering your property, please contact the Planning Division at (940) 761-7451 or 

Other Items Needed

As part of the registration process, properties will be required to post the following at their property.

  • "No Trespassing" signage

Click here for "No Trespassing" sign template

  • Name/Contact Information of Local Property Manager and/or Caretaker (this may be the owner in some cases)