STATUS UPDATE: Wichita County has 14,632 confirmed cases.

Health District Hotline: 940-761-7909

Hotline Hours: Monday - Friday, 8AM to 5PM

For health-related questions call the Health District Hotline or email .

To read the new Clearance Procedures for COVID-19 click here: Clearance Procedures as of February 24, 2021

As of March 3, 2021

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services directed the state to expand vaccine eligibility to include people who work in school and child care operations. As stated in the federal directive, this includes: "those who work in pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools, as well as Head Start and Early Head Start programs (including teachers, staff, and bus drivers) and those who work as or for licensed child care providers, including center-based and family care providers." This category has been added to the Health Districts' vaccine waitlist registration. Those who qualify are encouraged to sign up.

Current Health District Vaccine Availability (as of March 1, 2021)

Phase 1A: Currently available; scheduling appointments

Phase 1B: Currently available; scheduling appointments

COVID-19 Vaccine Waitlist Registration: CLICK HERE



_FAQs Frequently Asked Questions (1) (1)

_FAQs Frequently Asked Questions (1)

Vaccine Information (as of March 1, 2021)

The Health District has received 1,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine for this week's allotment. They will partner with the Clinics of North Texas, NorthCentral Texas Community Healthcare Center and United Regional Health Care System, and are in the process of transferring their allotments. Please note, individuals do not need to call the facilities asking for an appointment.Each facility will work through the State prioritized groups, Phases 1A, and 1B, reaching out directlyto their eligible patients in a systematic fashion. The Health District will utilize the new online vaccine waitlist registration system to schedule appointments.

The vaccine is available at no charge, regardless of insurance status, to those who meet the State of Texas criteria. It is important to note, once a vial has been punctured it has to be used within six hours. Please monitor your phone closely and answer all calls if you are on the waitlist. If you do not answer, the Health District will have to go to the next person on the list. They will circle back through the list if and when there is vaccine availability. 

If you have previously tested positive for COVID-19, you are eligible for the vaccine, so long as you are no longer infectious and have cleared quarantine. If you have been directly exposed to COVID-19 within the last 14 days, you will not be eligible for the vaccine at this time.

What To Do If You Want A COVID-19 Vaccine 

  1. Monitor the City of Wichita Falls website and social media pages. Information will continue to be updated with each new vaccine allocation the Health District receives from the Texas Department of State Health Services. 
  2. Sign up on the Health District's COVID-19 vaccine waitlist registration form. 
  3. Speak with your physician or medical provider to see if they are administering the vaccine. 
  4. Check with the local Walmarts and CVS Pharmacies, as they are included in the Federal Retail pharmacy list.  CDC Retail Program Locations
  5. Regularly check the DSHS website to see what other locations in Wichita Falls have received vaccines. Some of these locations have started waiting lists. 
    1. Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Locations

To read a full FAQ regarding the vaccine, visit:     

The Department of State Health Services has created a new dashboard that shows the number of people vaccinated and doses distributed. A spreadsheet has also been created that shows COVID-19 vaccine distribution data by County. 

Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard 

Texas COVID-19 Distribution by County

COVID-19 Testing - Wichita County Residents   

Data Last Updated 3/4/2021 at 4:12PM 
*Total Tested, Negative and Pending includes State testing numbers from nursing home/long term care facilities*
Total Number of People Tested   89,772
Number of Negative Tests            75,128
Number of Pending Tests             12
Total Wichita County Confirmed Positive 14,632

COVID-19 Wichita County Deaths by Age

Ages Total Deaths
0 - 5 0
6 - 10 0
11 - 19 0
20 - 29 1
30 - 39 2
40 - 49 5
50 - 59 11
60 - 69 74
70 - 79 92
80+ 136
Total 321

COVID-19 Wichita County Vaccines Given (as of 3/3/21)

First Dose 19,011 people
Second Dose 13,710 people

COVID-19 Statistics

Hospitalizations 022621
Cases by Age 022621 Final
Positivity Rate - Feb. 26
Total and Active Cases 022621 Final
Total P and N Rates - First Half
Total P and N rates - Second Half
Cases by Status 022621
Cases by Age 022621
Cases by Type 022621
Cases by Race 022621
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