Frequently Asked Questions


QWhat do I do if I have lost my WIC Card?         
Call 1-800-942-3678
How do I take an online class?
Go to and pick a class, then either print out certificate number or write it down and bring it in to the WIC office with your WIC card, and we will load your benefits.


Q: Does WIC ever come to Electra, Clay County, or Burkburnett, or Sheppard Air Force Base?

 A: At the present time we do not go to these locations.  Call the WIC office at 940-761-7815 for more information.

 Q: What is a Mid-cert?
 A: A mid-certification is a midyear appointment for your child, just to check on things. If a child is over 2 years old   and had good iron at the last visit, we only check weight and height.  Children under 2 years old will have iron   checked at every cert. appointment.  Just bring your WIC card and your child to these appointments because we do   not need to do an income or resident screening during that visit.
 Q: Why do I have to bring proof of address to my appointment?
 A: Texas WIC is for Texas residents only, and state requires proof that clients are Texas residents. A P.O. Box can   be used as the mailing address, but cannot be used as proof of residence.  You must bring proof of physical   address to your appointment.
 Q: Why do my appointments take so long?  
 A: There are several different stops for your WIC appointment.  The clerks at the front desk are filling out all the   forms with your name and information and checking your residence, your income, your Medicaid/SNAP eligibility,   and making sure the computer has the correct information.  Then the nurses and nutritionist will take you or your   child to the lab where they will check height, weight and iron level.  After that, you will see a nurse or nutritionist.     You might have to wait a few minutes while they document the growth chart.  They will then talk to you about your   child’s nutrition and any concerns you might have.  Afterwards, you go to the waiting room, and the nurse or   nutritionist will document your visit in the record.  Only then, can it be brought back to the clerks to be entered in the   computer and finally, they will be able to issue your benefits to your card and set up your next appointment.  We try   our best to make your visit as quick as possible, but every step is important to your care.
 Q: How can I make my appointment shorter?
 A: At the time your appointment is made for your next visit, the clerk gives you paperwork to have completed before   you arrive, as well as a list of what you need to provide. Bring this completed paperwork with you for your   appointment. If you do not have the paperwork, please arrive 15 minutes.
 Q: What can I do if I have trouble shopping for my WIC foods?
 A: Always take your WIC shopping guide and shopping list or last ending balance receipt with you to the store. If   you still have trouble, call Ramona, our vendor liaison, at your local WIC office 940-761-7815.  You can also check   with each cashier, who should have the approved food guide for that specific store.
 Q: Why is the WIC office closed on the last business day of each month?
 A: Your WIC staff needs time for staff trainings and development, as well as time to update bulletin boards,   appointment sheets, etc.  It’s important not to wait until the last day of the month to update your benefits.
 Q: Do you stay open late any days for parents who work all day?
 A: We are open until 7pm on the 2nd Monday & 4th Tuesday of most months. These late appointments fill up fast,   so call ahead to reserve a time slot.
***NOTE***If you have moved or changed your phone number, please don’t forget to update your information with WIC.
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