Watering Restrictions

Drought-2 (2)

All Water Users

The City of Wichita Falls enforces the following year-round watering restrictions:

  • No watering with sprinklers from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • No operation of irrigation (watering) systems that have broken components or leaks.
  • Spray irrigation cannot run down the curb for more than 50 feet.
  • Bubbler, drip, or soaker irrigation cannot run down the curb for more than five (5) feet.
  • If washing vehicles at home, the hose must have a positive shutoff nozzle.
  • Hand watering can be done at any time.

Business and Water Restrictions

The following requirements apply to businesses year-round:

  • Commercial car washes must use nozzles that discharge <3.0 gpm
  • Restaurants cannot serve water unless asked for by the customer.
  • Restaurants cannot use pre-rinse nozzles that discharge more than 1.6 gpm.
  • Restaurants must have a positive shutoff on the pre-rinse nozzles.
  • Ice machines cannot be single-pass or water-cooled.
  • Hotels/Motels/Short term lodging must offer customers a linen reuse option that is displayed in all rooms.

Water Wells and Rain Water Harvesting

Water Wells and Rain Water Harvesting Systems, with a combined container capacity exceeding 3,000 gallons, must be registered with the City of Wichita Falls Public Works Department.

Water Well and Auxiliary Water Source Registration Form

Call 940-761-7477 for details.

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