How to Rescind an Official Acknowledgement of Paternity

If any party that signed the Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) wishes to revoke their part, they have the right to file a Rescission. The Rescission of the AOP is a legal document. The form is used to withdraw the legal father and child relationship created by the previously signed AOP that was filed with the Texas Department of State Health, Vital Statistics Unit. Any person who signed the AOP may use the form to rescind their AOP. The form must be submitted to the Vital Statistics Unit no later then the 60th day of signing the AOP or the date a proceeding involving the child is initiated before a court, whichever comes earlier.

Procedures to Rescind an Acknowledgement of Paternity
Please come to our office within the hours of 8am - 3:30pm to complete the Rescission. No appointment is necessary, but to make certain we can assist you, please call ahead of time to make sure a Certified Entity is present on the day you intend to come in.

Blank Rescission Forms are not given out. A certified entity must complete and review the form with you. We will provide you with copies along with the original to mail into the State Vital Statistics Unit.

Rescinding an Acknowledgement of Paternity Process
(No Appointment Necessary)
Monday - Friday
8 am - 3:30 pm

Rescinding Party's Responsibilities

  • Complete a Rescission of Acknowledgement of Paternity with a Certified Entity and have that entity's code on the form.
  • Make copies of the rescission for yourself and make enough copies to mail to all people who signed the original AOP and the Attorney General's Office, only if a party is receiving services from the Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division. You must mail these copies by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested; and obtain proof of mailing from the US Postal Service. You must pay for any USPS fees.
  • Send the proof of mailing receipts along with the original rescission document to VSU. You must pay and USPS fees. Keep the return receipt cards received from USPS to be able to prove you mailed copies of the form to the other parties.
  • Mail the completed form and copies of the proof of mailing to:
Vital Statistics Unit
PO box 149347, MC 1966
Austin, TX 78714.

There is no fee to file this document.