Special Operations Section

The Special Operations Section of the police department is divided into units specialized in areas to investigate. These areas include the Organized Crime Unit, Tactical Unit, Gang Task Force, and SWAT.


The Organized Crime Unit of the Wichita Falls Police Department is responsible for identifying illegal narcotics manufacturing and distribution affecting Wichita Falls and to decrease the illicit drug trafficking within the community. In addition, the Organized Crime Unit is responsible for investigating vice crimes such as gambling and prostitution.

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The Wichita Falls Police Department SWAT Team is made of eighteen (18) highly trained members. These members are trained in everything from Hostage Rescue to Dignitary Protection. Members must pass 60 hour basic SWAT school before being considered eligible as a SWAT operator.

Gang Injunction Zones:


Confidential Calls:

If you would like to provide tips or information anonymously, please contact Crime Stoppers 24 hours a day at (940) 322-9888 or go to p3tips.com and leave your tip information. Please be as detailed as possible when leaving your tip information.