Criminal Investigations Section

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Investigation of all crimes against property, persons, financial crimes, juvenile crimes, preparation of cases for presentation to grand jury and to Criminal District Attorney for prosecution. Collection and analysis of evidence. The Financial Crimes Unit provides services to citizens, merchants and financial institutions who become victims of financial crime.

Crime Victims' Compensation

The Crime Victims' Compensation program is available to assist victims of violent crime with expenses associated with the crime.In order to receive financial assistance from the fund, victims must complete an application for benefits.The fund is able to pay for a variety of expenses, click on link to see more details Crime Victims Compensation

Financial Crime Unit

Detectives of the Financial Crimes Unit often present programs to civic groups, financial institution employees, divisions of the WFPD,and other law enforcement agencies, the media and schools. This is done to assist the community in understanding the nature of financial crime,and its impact on the community as well as the connection to the drug culture.Please contact either the Financial Crimes Unit or the Crime Prevention Unit if we can be of assistance to you or your business.

If you think you are a VICTIM OF IDENTITY THEFT please visit this website: Identity Theft

Credit Card Abuse and Forgery Forms:

Credit card abuse is a growing problem in our community. If you have been a victim of credit card theft or abuse, please review this article to read more on how to report and what to know if you are a victim.

The following form is available to businesses to report forgeries at their place of business: Merchant's Fraud Form

Citizens can download the following Forgery Affidavit, attach an affidavit to each forged check.

Alert Program

 The Alert Program is available to Businesses to alert them to signs criminal activity and help them protect themselves and their businesses. The letter and the application are as follows:
ALERT On-Line Application
Alert Program Letter

Stolen Vehicles

There are several guidelines which are used when a vehicle is reported stolen the Wichita Falls Police Department has an Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle CheckList which you can review if you have loaned your vehicle to someone who has not returned it.You can review the WFPD
Unauthorized Use Policy to see if you want to make a police report. You can also download a copy of the
Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle Letter which you can send to the person you loaned the vehicle to demand that they return it to you in a specific amount of time.There is also the Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle Statement Form  which you can download and the Unauthorized Use Spanish form is also available.

If you need more information on for reporting these crimes call the Information Desk at 761-7792 or Criminal Investigations at 761-7762

Victim Information and Notification Everyday

Victim Information and Notification Everyday is the nation's leading automated victim notification solution. VINE allows crime victims across the country to obtain information about criminal cases and the custody cases of offenders. The attached website will link you to the information needed to for your case.

Wichita County Criminal District Attorney's Office also has forms available online such as Protective Order Applications which can be found on their web page.