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Stage 3: Drought Emergency
Stage 3 Restictions 

During Stage 3 all restrictions from Stage 2 remain in effect in addition to the following restrictions. For questions please contact the Public Works Department at 940.761.7477.
1. Car Dealers
2. Car Washes
3. Golf Courses
4. Irrigation-Watering
5. Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, School Cafeterias 
6. Swimming Pools

Water Rationing Zone Map
100 Way to Conserve Water

View the Press Conference given by City leaders about the Stage 3 Drought Emergency.

Stage 3: Drought Emergency Triggers
A Drought Emergency shall be declared when:
1) The combined storage level of Lakes Kickapoo and Arrowhead drops to 40% of the total conservation pool storage capacity, or
2) Demand exceeds design capacity for 4 weeks (or exceeds design capacity by 115%, or 3) the water supply system is unable to deliver water due to mechanical failure or damage of major water system components which will require more than 24 hours to repair, if a Drought Warning is in progress.

Reduction Goals
When a Drought Emergency is declared, action will be taken to reduce the current net withdrawal from reservoirs by an additional 20% or more (with the 15% reduction from Stage 2, that will make a Total of 35% reduction.)

Water Conservation Surcharges
A water conservation surcharge will be applied to all Residential and Irrigation accounts when the City is under a Stage 2 Drought Warning or Stage 3 Drought Emergency. During a Stage 3 the surcharges are:
For Residential Water Meters
$1.00 per CCF between 10 CCF and 20 CCF,
$2.00 per CCF between 20 CCF and 40 CCF, and
$4.00 per CCF over 40 CCF.
For Irrigation Water Meters
$1.00 per CCF between 0 CCF and 10 CCF,
$2.00 per CCF between 10 CCF and 20 CCF,
$4.00 per CCF between 20 CCF and 40 CCF, and
$8.00 per CCF over 40 CCF.