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Stage 3: Drought Emergency
Stage 3 Restrictions 

During Stage 3 all restrictions from Stage 2 remain in effect in addition to the following restrictions. For questions please contact the Public Works Department at 940.761.7477.
1. Watering-Irrigation
2. Car Washes
3. Golf Courses
4. Car Dealers
5. Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, School Cafeterias 
6. Swimming Pools
7. Washing Sidewalks, Driveways, Slabs

Water Rationing Zone Map
100 Way to Conserve Water

Stage 3: Drought Emergency Triggers
A Drought Emergency shall be declared when:
1) The combined storage level of Lakes Kickapoo and Arrowhead drops to 40% of the total conservation pool storage capacity, or
2) Demand exceeds design capacity for 4 weeks (or exceeds design capacity by 115%, or 3) the water supply system is unable to deliver water due to mechanical failure or damage of major water system components which will require more than 24 hours to repair, if a Drought Warning is in progress.

Reduction Goals
When a Drought Emergency is declared, action will be taken to reduce the current net withdrawal from reservoirs by an additional 20% or more (with the 15% reduction from Stage 2, that will make a Total of 35% reduction.)

Water Conservation Surcharges
A water conservation surcharge will be applied to all Residential and Irrigation accounts when the City is under a Stage 2 Drought Warning or Stage 3 Drought Emergency. During a Stage 3 the surcharges are:
For Residential Water Meters
$1.00 per CCF between 10 CCF and 20 CCF,
$2.00 per CCF between 20 CCF and 40 CCF, and
$4.00 per CCF over 40 CCF.
For Irrigation Water Meters
$1.00 per CCF between 0 CCF and 10 CCF,
$2.00 per CCF between 10 CCF and 20 CCF,
$4.00 per CCF between 20 CCF and 40 CCF, and
$8.00 per CCF over 40 CCF.