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Stage 2: Drought Warning
Lake Wichita002.gif Stage 2: Drought Warning Triggers
A Drought Warning phase will be issued when 1) the combined storage level of Lakes Kickapoo and Arrowhead declines to 50% storage capacity, or 2) demand exceeds design treatment capacity for 3 days after a Drought Watch has been declared (or exceeds 110% of design), or 3) the water supply system is unable to deliver water due to mechanical failure or damage of major water system components which will require more than 48 hours to repair, if a Drought Watch is in progress.

Stage 2: Drought Warning Actions
1. Mail a copy of the conservation Ordinance and the Water Rationing Zone Map with a cover letter describing the drought conditions to each water account. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation or entity to:
A. Run outside irrigation systems including sprinklers, automatic sprinkler systems and unattended water hoses except on the day of the week permitted for an area as identified on the water rationing zone map.
B. Run any type of outside watering on any day of the week between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., except as authorized by subsection (d)(1) of the Conservation Ordinance.
C. Wash any motor vehicle at any location other than a commercial car wash, car dealership, detail shop of automotive shop.
D. Conduct fund raising car washes during the time of the drought warning.
E. Wash sidewalks, driveways or concrete slabs unless an immediate health of safety risk present.
2. Form a Drought Emergency Task Force to guide the remainder of this drought emergency plan and to interface with the public.
3. Every available forum will be used to continue to educate the general public regarding the status of our water supply and to make pleas for water conservation. This can be accomplished by various means including but not limited to news letters; the electronic and printed media; billing statements; closed circuit television bulletin board; eliciting the aid of civic organizations such as service clubs, scouting organizations, etc; working through the public school districts to ask the full support of all classroom teachers.
4. All leaks in the raw water and treatment water system will be repaired immediately, without waiting for the most cost effective time.
Mayor's Town Hall 3-8-2011 (8) Web.jpg
Water Pipe Install.gif 5. Water pressure from the treatment plants will be reduced to the minimum to maintain 35 pounds per square inch pressure in the distribution system and to provide adequate pressure and flow for fire fighting.
6. All citizens will be encouraged to immediately alter water use habits using the techniques indicated at Appendix 13 in the Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan.
7. Non-essential operational uses of water by city crews should be suspended (for example: the flushing of water mains and fire hydrants, street sweeping, water jet cleaning of sanitary sewer mains, training of fire fighters, watering by the Parks Dept.).
8. Notify parks Department to reduce watering to once a week. Only enough water to support the trees. Parks Department will allow grass to turn brown.
9. Encourage competitive challenges between neighborhoods, sectors of the society, industries and other groups for reduction of water consumption.
10. Adopt a reduced schedule for outside uses of water for irrigation and other aesthetic purposes.
11. Notify wholesale customers of the situation and ask each to adopt similar reduction goals for their systems in accordance with their individual contracts with the City of Wichita Falls. Pro rata curtailment by wholesale customers will be based upon their contractual limits as provided in the Texas Water Code.
12. Implement water conservation surcharge for excessive use.
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