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Information for the Initiation of Waters Sewer/Trash Service

  1. Information for the Initiation of Water Service/Trash Service
  2. Number, Exp. Date, DOB
  3. Water is turned on Monday - Friday Only
  4. Application can not be processed without ID
  5. Please Include: 1. The complete application form. 2. A copy of your driver's license. 3. Deposit must be paid in advance. 4. Completed application and deposit must be received by 4:30 PM for same business day service.
  6. Mail to: City of Wichita Falls P.O. Box 1440 Wichita Falls, Texas 76307-7532
  7. Fax to: (940) 761-8879
  8. Deposits: Single-Family: $100.00,  Multi-Family: $75.00, Business: Minimum of $110.00.

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