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City of Wichita Falls Dog and Cat License Application

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  2. This license will be a valuable means of identification in the event your dog or cat should become lost, impounded or injured.

    Article II Sec. 14-66 of the City of Wichita Falls' Code of Ordinances requires that "No person shall own, possess or harbor a dog or cat, four months of age or over, without obtaining a license for each animal." The license may be obtained at the Animal Control Office located in the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District, through an authorized veterinary office or by completing this application and mailing it, along with the correct fee to Animal Services Center, 1207 Hatton Road, Wichita Falls, TX 76302.

    Sec. 14-68 states that "A completed application form obtained from the vaccinating veterinarian or Health District, the license fee and a valid certificate of rabies vaccination must be presented to obtain a license for a dog or cat."

  3. Animal Description

  4. Species
  5. Vaccination Information

    (Please include a copy of the Rabies Vaccination Certificate)

    The city license runs concurrently with the animal’s rabies vaccination. If the animal has received a one-year vaccination you can only purchase a one-year city license and a three-year license may only be purchased if the animal has received a three-year vaccine.

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