1. Who is eligible to apply for grant funding?

The following eligibility criteria must be met to apply for funding (please see application for specific details):

  • Local non-profit organizations that are registered as 501 c(3) or 501 c(19) organizations.
  • Public nonprofit organization
  • Faith-based organizations that receive grant proceeds, these requirements apply to goods, services, or accommodations offered generally to the public (e.g., a restaurant or thrift store)
  • Physical location of the program must be within the City of Wichita Falls city limits and serve Wichita Falls residents
  • Has been in active operation since 2020 (including the entire calendar year 2020)
  • No outstanding tax liens or judgments, excluding 2022 property taxes

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1. 1. Who is eligible to apply for grant funding?
2. 2. What can the grant funds be used for?
3. 3. Are there ineligible costs for grant funding?
4. 4. How can I apply?
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6. 6. When are applications due?
7. 7. When will the funding be awarded?
8. 8. How will applications be review/considered for award?
9. 9. What are the reporting requirements for grant funding?
10. 10. Is there a deadline to spend the funds?