Which Buildings are Considered Vacant?

    The ordinance defines a “structure” as the constructed/built primary structure on the  parcel.

 “Vacant” structures are defined as habitable structures which:

  • Are not currently occupied by a business or use 
  • Have an inactive City Utility account
  • Used solely for the purpose of personal/business storage
  • Actively listed for sale or least for a minimum of 90 days 

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1. What is the Vacant Structure Registry Ordinance (DT VSRO)?
2. When will the Ordinance Be Implemented?
3. Which Properties Have to Comply with the DT VSRO?
4. Which Buildings are Considered Vacant?
5. How Long Do I Have to Register My Vacant Structure?
6. What is Required to Register a Vacant Structure?
7. What are the Registration Fees?
8. Who is Responsible for Compliance with DT VSRO?
9. Who Do I Contact for Questions I May Have?
10. Where Can I Get a Copy of the Ordinance?
11. How do I Keep Up-to-Date on Downtown Redevelopment Efforts by the City?