What is the Vacant Structure Registry Ordinance (DT VSRO)?

The Downtown Vacant Structure Registry Ordinance (VSRO) is for the greater downtown area. The VRSO in the greater downtown area will apply only to non-residential properties that are located in the greater downtown area. 

 The purposes of a vacant property registration ordinance (VSRO) include:

  • To ensure vacant properties owners are known to the City and can be contacted if necessary
  • To ensure that owners of vacant properties are aware of the obligations under relevant City codes and regulations 
  • To ensure that owners meet minimum standards of maintenance of vacant properties

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1. What is the Vacant Structure Registry Ordinance (DT VSRO)?
2. When will the Ordinance Be Implemented?
3. Which Properties Have to Comply with the DT VSRO?
4. Which Buildings are Considered Vacant?
5. How Long Do I Have to Register My Vacant Structure?
6. What is Required to Register a Vacant Structure?
7. What are the Registration Fees?
8. Who is Responsible for Compliance with DT VSRO?
9. Who Do I Contact for Questions I May Have?
10. Where Can I Get a Copy of the Ordinance?
11. How do I Keep Up-to-Date on Downtown Redevelopment Efforts by the City?