How do I apply for the First Time Home Buyer's Program?

First, visit a local lender to become pre-qualified for a standard, fixed-rate mortgage loan. Participating lenders are listed on the brochure that describes the First-Time Homebuyers Program. Be certain to tell the bank you would like to apply for the City’s First Time Homebuyer Program. 

After approval, call the Neighborhood Resources Division office at 940-761-7448 to make an appointment to apply for the FTHB Program. We will discuss the remainder of the qualification process and answer any questions you might have.

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1. How do I apply for the First Time Home Buyer's Program?
2. Will a poor credit rating affect the mortgage application or the application for FTHB Program assistance?
3. Will homebuyers be required to repay the homebuyer assistance provided by the City of Wichita Falls?
4. Will the homebuyer be charged interest for homebuyer assistance?
5. Is a home inspection required?
6. If the homebuyer is now divorced but previously owned a home with a former spouse, do they qualify as a first time homebuyer?
7. How long does the process take after receiving an approval from my bank?
8. Do I need to be a senior citizen to qualify for Minor/Emergency Repair assistance?
9. Do I have to own my home to qualify for the Minor/Emergency Repair Program?
10. Can I pick my own contractor for repairs provided by the Minor/Emergency Repair Program?
11. Will the Minor/Emergency Repair Program pay for work that’s already done?
12. How many times can I use the Minor/Emergency Repair Program?
13. What income is considered for the First Time Home Buyer Program?