Why is my water bill still pretty high?

The average residential water bill in Wichita Falls (water only, not trash, stormwater fee, etc.) is currently between$28 and $46 per month. This maintains three lakes that supply our water, several pump stations and pipelines to move lake water to the City's two treatment plants, the actual treatment of the water to state and federal standards, the maintenance of hundreds of miles of distribution system pipeline and for the meter reading and billing to 35,000 customers. According to JD Power and Associates, the average monthly cell phone bill for an individual (in 2012) was $71. They further reported that their total cell phone bill could easily top $200/month for a family of four with smartphones. According to Consumer Reports, the average monthly Cable TV bill in 2014 was more than $120. Natural gas and electricity prices are also higher than a monthly water bill. Water is one of the most economical products we use compared to these standard fees

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8. Why is my water bill still pretty high?
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