What does "Ready Golf" mean?
Ready golf means that players should keep the pace of play in mind and visualize their next shot as they approach their ball. After arriving at the ball location select the club and hit the shot if it is safe to do so and does not interfere with other players in the group. If it does not interfere with other players in the group you should also attempt to align your putt while others are aligning theirs or are putting out.
Slow pace of play affects everyone playing behind you. A conscious
effort to play in a timely manner will make golf more enjoyable for everyone.
Playing "ready golf" will greatly increase the speed of play and will not interfere with your fellow golfers.
To improve the pace of play we ask golfers to follow the guidelines outlined below:

a. Have your shot and club selection in mind while approaching your next shot
b. Minimize your practice swings
c. Be ready to hit when it is your turn
d. Proceed to your ball as soon as it is safe to do so
e. Take your practice swings in advance of your turn to hit the ball
f. Hit "out of turn" if it is safe to do so and does not interfere with your fellow golfer
g. Study the "line of your putt" while others are putting
h. Mark your score after arriving at the next tee box
i. If there is an open hole in front of you, you may be playing too slow
j. Allow faster players to play through

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