What is the lien collection program?
On June 6th the City began to notify all the citizens of Wichita Falls who own property upon which City liens have been filed. There are over 2,000 such property owners and over 6,000 liens. The City has hired a lien clerk who will send out 150 notification letters per week. All property owners wiht such liens will be notified within 90 days. Three temporary clerks have been hired to assist with processing the paperwork and answering phone correspondence.

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1. What is the lien collection program?
2. What is a lien and why does the City have so many of them?
3. What is the City doing to collect these liens?
4. Why try to collect now?
5. If I have a lien on my property why should I pay it off?
6. How do I find out if my property has a lien on it?
7. What if I can't pay the whole amount at once?