Do I need a Grease Trap Permit and what is involved?

City of Wichita Falls Ordinance 62-2004 reqiures that all restaurant and food serving facilities be permitted to discharge grease into the sewage system of Wichita Falls. The requirements for a permit are submission of a completed Grease Trap Application form, the obtaining of a Service Contract for the servicing, maintnenance, and pumping of your trap, and payment of the permit fee. We will then inspect your trap and facility and if it meets code, you will be issued a Grease Grap Permit. If not, then you must make necessary improvements before a Grease Trap/Food Permit can be issued. If you have any questions at all regarding Grease Traps and this program please call 940-761-7822 and we can assist you with any question you may have.

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