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Recycling- "Keeping it Green"

Recycling Programs
The City of Wichita Falls recycles newspaper and paper products, glass, metal, appliances and organic material. Residents can participate by using the White and Blue Bins at various locations throughout the City, using a Green Curb Cart or dropping off material at the Transfer Station or Landfill.
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Recycling Organics- Green Curb Carts
One of the City's most popular recycling programs is curbside organics recycling. Green Curb Carts are available from the Sanitation Division by calling 761-7977. These carts can be filled with organic material: grass clippings, tree trimmings, kitchen food waste and paper products: junk mail, cardboard, newspaper, paper plates and cups and magazines. This waste is then turned into top-quality compost available FREE twice a year to program participants.

Area Compost Vendors
Worm Composting - Go to for more information

White Bins- Newspaper Only
The White Dumpsters are located at all Recycling Bin Locations listed below. The only recyclable material to be placed in a White Dumpster is newspaper.

The Sanitation Department asks that you please remove the newspapers from any plastic bags or boxes before placing them in the bin.

Bin Location Map - Click Here

 image002.jpg Blue Bins- Glass Jars and Bottles Only
Blue Dumpsters are also located at all Recycling Bin Locations listed below . Glass jars and glass bottles are the only recyclable glass allowed in the dumpster. No flat glass such as window or auto glass will be accepted as it causes damage to the glass crushing machinery.
Recycling Bin Locations
Fire Station One
1001 Bluff
Fire Station Two
425 Bonner
Fire Station Three
3800 Brewster

Fire Station Four  5512 Castle Rd.


Fire Station Five
506 Beverly Dr.
Fire Station Six
4912 Johnson Rd.
Fire Station Seven
2800 City View Dr
Fire Station Eight
2000 SW Parkway

Wal Mart
2700 Central Freeway
Wal Mart
5131 Greenbriar Road
Transfer Station
3200 Lawrence Road
United Market Street
4590 Kell Blvd.

United Supermarket
2522 Old Iowa Park Rd.
United Supermarket
4516 Jacksboro Highway


Recycling Metal
Aluminum, copper, brass and steel are accepted at the City's Transfer Station and Landfill. Items such as portable buildings, BBQ grills, metal chair frames, cans, wire, siding...etc are accepted.

Recycling Appliances
Stoves and washers and dryers are accepted at the Transfer Station and Landfill.

Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners are only accepted at the Landfill where a certified technician is able to remove the freon.

Recycling Computers
The State of Texas operates the Texas Computer Equipment Recycling Program.
Learn more about the program by visiting the TCEQ's Electronic Recycling site.

Contact Us

Contact Information

David Lehfeldt
Sanitation Superintendent
200 Sunset Drive
Wichita Falls, TX 76301

Phone: (940) 761-7977
Fax: (940) 761-6889

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.