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Court Schedule
This schedule sets forth the days and times when the municipal judge conducts courtroom proceedings. When citizens are summoned to court or desire to speak to the judge about thier case, it will be set according to this schedule. All court proceedings are open to the public.


9:00 A.M. (S-S)

Jail docket.



9:00 A.M. (M-TH)

Warrant and payment non compliance docket.



9:00 A.M. (W)

Surety bail bond docket.



10:00 A.M. (TH)

Jury trial docket.



10:00 A.M. (F)

Magistration docket for Wichita County



1:30 P.M. (M, T, W, F)

Reduced fine (mitigation) hearings, miscellaneous hearings, summons, DSC show cause, and insurance validity dockets.



2:00 P.M. (M-F) 1st non-jury trial docket, animal seizure docket.



3:00 P.M. (M-F) 2nd non-jury trial docket.



3:30 P.M. (T, W, TH) Juvenile docket.
4:00 P.M. (M-F) Personal bond, cash bond, and pretrial dockets.
4:00 P.M. (T) Deferral non compliance docket.