Training Division

The Safety and Training division is responsible for the initial training of all recruits in areas of Advanced Structural Fire Fighting, Hazardous Materials, and Technical Rescue. Recruit training consists of 1000 hours of training over a 6 month period. This exceeds the minimum standard set by the State of Texas by approximately 500 hours.

The division is also responsible for all continuing education for the members of the department. Each member must have a total of 20 hours continuing education in fire fighting, 20 hours per year in Emergency Medical Services, and the Hazardous Materials Response Team must have an additional 10 hours of Continuing education in hazardous materials. The Training Division has many assets to aid in their mission.

All recruit training, as well as much of the continuing education training, takes place at the Fire Department Drill Field.
Training Battalion Chief
Carl Chancellor

A-Shift Captain
Martin Grassi 

B-Shift Captain 
Keith Tressler

C-Shift Captain
Russell Sheppard