Water Distribution


If you encounter any of the following problems or situations please contact Water Distribution at 761-4333.

  • Water Main Breaks
  • Emergency Turnoff
  • Unknown Leaks
  • New Service (Taps)
  • Meter Repair
  • Estimates on System Improvements
  • Service Interruption / Low Pressure
  • Utility Spots (Water)

These are a few of the problems we encounter and repair any time of the day or night in any weather conditions. 

Ruptured Water Main

Rusty Pipe


One of the main challenges Water Distribution faces is the maintenance and replacement of cast iron water pipes used in the 1930's and later years to establish the City's water system.  Cast iron eventually rusts which causes breaks in the supply system.  The department replaces the old lines with pipes made of fiberglass or plastic.


Another area the department is responsible for keeping in good working order is water valves.  If a valve is not working properly when there is a water break the water main can not be isolated and repairs made in a timely fashion.