Covered Loads

City Ordinance requires that all loads hauled in an open bed or trailer be covered to prevent the spread of garbage and other materials throughout the city. The fine for failure to cover a load can reach as high as $359.00. In addition to a possible fine, if an uncovered load is brought to the transfer station or city landfill you will be charged $25.00 to dump your material.

Sec. 26-694 Vehicle Requirements
Any vehicle used for solid waste collection by a private hauler will be required to have a completely enclosed bed or body with a solid bottom and sides, equipped with a top or cover which will permit the complete enclosure of the contents of the bed or body. Such cover or top shall be used at any time the vehicle is transporting municipal solid waste over city streets and alleys.

Sec. 90-128 (6) Commercial landfill and transfer station charges.
Any hauler who delivers solid waste material to the landfill or transfer station shall be charged a loose materials fee of $25.00 unless the load is covered and the covering firmly secured to the vehicle or the waste material is completely enclosed by the load-carrying compartment of the vehicle.
Possible $359.00 fine and $25.00 Charge
Possible $359.00 fine and $25.00 Charge
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