Transfer Station

All Loads Must Be Covered
City ordinance requires that all loads must be covered. Failure to do so can result in a fine. Learn more

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Transfer Station Use
The Transfer Station is open for use by city residents free of charge when hauling from their homes. All non-residents (those living outside the city limits) and commercial customers will be assessed a fee of $40.15 per ton of disposable material.

The Landfill is also an option with considerable savings:
  1. $30.80 per ton for construction and demolition material
  2. $19.80 per ton for organic material such as grass clippings, tree limbs...etc.

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How to Use the Transfer Station
Pull up to the Transfer Station office and stop on the west bound Scales. Be prepared to present proof of your city residence.
Stay on the weigh scales until the attendant tells you to proceed to the Transfer Building.
Enter the Transfer Building, follow the directions of the Attendant and dump your material.
Leave the Transfer Building and pull onto the scales in the exit lane next to the Office and weigh out.
Prohibited Items
There are items that will not be accepted at the Transfer Station:
1. Roofing Shingles (accepted at the Landfill)
2. Dirt, Concrete (accepted at the Landfill)
3. Commercial Truck Tires
4. Refrigerators and Air Conditioners that have not had the FREON professionally removed and are tagged as such.
5. Hazardous Materials