If you fail to make an initial appearance in the time allowed, fail to appear for a court date as scheduled, or fail to meet any other deadline without being granted additional time by the Court beforehand, a warrant of arrest may be issued for you. A $50 warrant fee may be added to any outstanding fine amount. You may then be arrested by any law enforcement agency at any time.

Active warrants are pursued by Municipal Court warrant officers. If a warrant officer has left a message on your answering machine, with your place of employment, with a friend or relative, or on a hanger on your door, you should contact the Court immediately at (940) 761-7880. These notices indicate that you may have warrant for your arrest.

The City of Wichita Falls also uses  the law firm of Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins and Mott, to aid in the collection of delinquent municipal court citations. This firm specializes  in locating alleged violators and collecting outstanding fines. Once a case is referred to a collection firm, state law requires that a 30% collection fee be added the outstanding amount of the citation.

If you are arrested, you will be held in custody until sufficient bond is posted or you appear in front of the judge. If you have an outstanding arrest warrant, you should call the court and schedule a hearing before the judge as soon as possible. Your warrant will remain in effect until you appear before the judge or post bond.

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