Industrial Pretreatment Program Fees

The following are the current fees for Industrial Pretreatment Permits. There are additional requirements as well as on-site inspection of facility required before a permit can be issued. All fees listed are for a period of one year.

(a) Category 1Metal Finishers$2,200
(b) Category 2Centralized Waste$2,000
(c) Category 3Steam/Electric Generation$1,100
(d) Category 4Electroplating$2,100
(e) Category 5Laundry$1,000
(f) Category 6Non-classified$1,000
(g) Category 7Glass Manufacturing$1,000
(h) Category 8Non-significant Industries$800

Wastehauling Truck Permit



To obtain a waste hauling permit, the owner of the vehicle must also possess a State of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) permit to haul waste.

In addition to the Industrial Pretreatment Permit Fee, permittees are also surcharged for BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), TSS (Total Dissolved Solids) and FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) in excess of the following limits and are surcharged, as well as being a permit violation under the Industrial Pretreatment Program Ordinance. Any permitted establishment that has an excess of these amounts is subject to both surcharge fees and possible loss of permit for this excess. Surcharge rates are as follows:

Current Surcharge Fees

BOD or TSS AmountFOG AmountSurcharge RateSurcharge per Consumption Unit
0-300 mg/l0-100 mg/lStandard Rate0
301-600 mg/l101-300 mg/lRate A$0.075
601-900 mg/l301-500Rate B$0.15
901-1200 mg/l500+ ProhibitedRate C$0.225
1201-1500 mg/l-Rate C$0.30
1501-1800 mg/l-Rate E$0.375
1801-2100 mg/l-Rate F$0.45
2101-2400 mg/l-Rate G$0.525
2401-2700 mg/l-Rate H$0.60
2700-3000 mg/l-Rate I$0.675
3001-3300 mg/l-Rate J$0.75
3301-3600 mg/l-Rate K$0.0825
3601-3900 mg/l-Rate L$0.90
3901-4200 mg/l-Rate M$0.975