Laboratory Fees

Water Testing for Total Coliforms - $15.00 per sample

Water Testing for Fecal Coliforms - $20.00

Note: Samples are accepted for testing Monday-Thursday, before 3:00 p.m. No samples will be accepted on Friday's, except extreme emergencies or very special instances and then only after prior approval by the Laboratory/Water Pollution Coordinator. If a water sample is accepted for testing on Friday, there will be a $10.00 surcharge per sample in addition to the sample fee.

Shipment of Animal Heads for Rabies Exam - $35.00

No head will be delayed in shipment for lack of payment of fees. The head will be shipped, however, arrangements for payment of the fee or signature on a pauper's oath is required prior to shipment.

No water sample will be accepted unless the sample is collected in a proper sterile collection bottle and accompanied by the appropriate and complete laboratory request form, both of which are available free of charge from the Laboratory/Water Pollution Division of the Health District. Additionally, containers and forms may be obtained from the local municipal city halls in various communities.

The laboratory does not normally accept human samples for testing from outside facilities. To obtain human testing, patients will need to be seen by one of the Health District Clinics and the request come from Personal Health Services Division.