Well Water Testing

Water Testing is performed Monday through Thursday. Samples must be received prior to 3:00 p.m. on those days to insure enough time for sample processing and testing before the laboratory closes at 5:00 p.m. Testing is not performed on Fridays because the test takes 24 hours and the laboratory is closed on weekends. 

The laboratory provides free sterile and buffered collection bottles for the collection of samples, and these are the only acceptable containers. Home-sterilized containers are not acceptable, as we cannot guarantee sterility as well as they do not contain a special buffer that assists in bacteria recovery. For this reason, only approved sample containers will be accepted. If you need them, please stop by our laboratory and pick them up for free.

The fee for Total Coliform and Private Well Water Samples is $16.00 per sample. The fee for Fecal Coliform testing is $20.00 per sample

Collection bottles are available free from the laboratory. The collection bottles contain a special buffer (sodium thiosulfate) to preserve the sample. Use of other containers will result in the sample being rejected for analysis. If you have any questions, please call the laboratory before you collect the sample. 

There are special fees for special samples or samples that required repeated manipulations, extra work, or overtime to analyze. These fees will apply only to special or specific samples and should not normally be incurred when ordering Total or Fecal Coliform tests. If there is a special fee for your sample, you will be informed of this when you bring your sample to us for analysis. 

All samples for water testing must be delivered to the laboratory for testing within 30 hours of collection and kept on ice during transport. Any samples received that are older than 30 hours or greater than 10 degrees Celsius will be rejected for testing, since this requirement is a part of the regulations that govern water testing, there will be no exceptions to this requirement.