Dirty Room Complaint
Motel/Hotels are inspected routinely to assure they are adhering to the cleaning standards. Inspections include facilities, equipment, and operations. Inspectors look at the public and guest rooms, fixtures, furnishings, equipment and utensils; water supply and waste disposal facilities; and the buildings surroundings.

Whenever rooms are rented in an unsanitary condition, these complaints should be directed to the Health District.

Insects in Room Complaint
All Motel/Hotel rooms should be kept in such a condition as to prevent the harborage or feeding of insects. When a Motel/Hotel is found to have an insect infestation, it should not be rented out to the public.

Dirty Linen Complaint
Linens should be in good condition and clean whenever provided for guests. Linens that are soiled, torn or in any other unsanitary condition should not be used and this should be reported to the operator and the Health District.

The public should report any condition or safety concern to the Health District, so that health inspectors can address them. All complaints are confidential and each complaint will be investigated. In addition to the Motel/Hotel rooms, health inspectors also inspect continental breakfasts, and swimming pool and spas in the facility.