Environmental Health Division

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for the following:

Food Establishments

  • Restaurants
  • Retail Food Stores
  • Mobile Food Vendors
  • Daycare/School Kitchens
  • Temporary Food Events
  • Nursing Home Kitchens
  • Soft Serve Machines
  • Hospital Kitchens
  • Grease Traps
Restaurant Kitchen

Aquatic Facilities

Public & Semi-Public Swimming Pools, Spas, & Public Interactive Water Features:

  • Water Parks
  • Splash Pads
  • Apartments
  • Hotel/Motels
  • Clubs & Gyms
  • Property Owner Associations
Castaway Cove

Lodging Establishments

Lodging Establishments with 7 or more Guest Rooms:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Bed & Breakfasts*

*Not Air Bed & Breakfasts

hotel room photo cropped

Body Art Establishments

  • Tattoo Parlors
  • Piercing Parlors
  • Individual Licenses
  • Temporary Individuals & Events
  • Cosmetic Tattooing such as Micropigmentation and Microblading 
Body Art Image

On-Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF)

  • Wichita County*
  • Lake Arrowhead City Leased Lots
  • Lake Kickapoo City Leased Lots

*Excluding Pleasant Valley

septic tank

Other Inspected Establishments

  • Daycare Facilities*
  • Foster Homes
  • School Premises*

*Not Home Daycares & not Home Schools

Childrens corner daycare

Other Permitted Entities

Vacuum Truck/Liquid Waste Haulers:

  • Grease
  • Septic
  • Grit Traps

Ambulances & Ambulance Franchises

Waste hauler cropped

Vector/Mosquito Control Program

Vector Control works in Wichita Falls and in unincorporated areas of Wichita County*:

  • Treating Standing Water
  • Trapping for Mosquitoes
  • Night Sprays for Adult Vector Mosquitoes

*Not on Private Properties

The goal of the General Environmental Division is to protect and enhance the environmental quality of life for residents, communities, workers, and visitors of Wichita and surrounding counties by developing and implementing consumer health education, surveillance and enforcement programs in our jurisdiction.


Our Vision is to positively impact the long-term health and quality of life for people residing in Wichita County. To this end, we employ both personal and professional excellence in every program we administer.


The Division's environmental initiatives include:
  1. Securing and assisting others in securing resources for the implementation of environmental initiatives
  2. Facilitating public education
  3. Providing guidance to businesses
  4. Responding to requests for information on environmental health issues
  5. Ensuring that regulated establishments are operated in a manner that protects the public health, public safety, and the environment.