Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance Division provides repair, maintenance and support assistance six days a week. This division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 720 vehicles and other pieces of major equipment. Fleet Maintenance employees also research and purchase of all City replacement vehicles and other motorized equipment. These services are provided in the following five areas:

Main & Small Engine Repair Shop
The Central Services Complex has a main repair shop with towing service, 17 repair bays for everything from passenger cars to heavy equipment, a Small Engine Repair Shop for police motorcycles, mowers and other small equipment, and a welding shop providing repair of refuse containers for Sanitation as well as repair and fabricating assistance to other departments. In addition, the Division’s Small Engine Repair Shop performs work on the vast inventory of hand-held equipment owned by the City.

Fire Equipment Repair Shop
The Fire Equipment Repair Shop is responsible for the repair and routine maintenance on all of the firefighting apparatus used by the City.

Welding Shop
Welding personnel fabricate new equipment, as well as make needed repairs. The Welding Shop also repairs the City’s metal trash containers.

Service Station
There is a Service Station with self-service pumps, providing tire repairs and replacements, and routine scheduled vehicle maintenance.

Parts Room
The Parts Room keeps an inventory of most needed parts and searches out the nearest supplier with the best price on one-of-a-kind items. The division goal is to get the equipment back in service as soon as possible. Also, since 1991, Central Services has provided fueling and maintenance for the Wichita County vehicle fleet under a contractual arrangement. As of January 2012 provided fuel for the some of county volunteer fire departments.