RV Park

City of Wichita Falls
Wichita Bend RV Park
300 Central Freeway
(I-44 at Texas Tourist Information Exit)

Please note: The Wichita Bend RV Park is a first come, first served facility. Reservations are not taken. Additional information can be found by calling 940-761-7491.


User Fee is $17.00 per site per night.  There is not a full time attendant -- fees are to be deposited in the drop box.  A park ranger collects the fees nightly to make sure everyone has paid.  There are 28 spaces with water and electrical hookups, all spaces have 30 amp capability and 14 spaces have both 30 and 50 amp service. Maximum park usage is 72 hours per two-week period. A dump station is located at the south end of the park. There are 16 visitor spaces and 8 tables with grills.


Record RV and/or tow vehicle license number on envelope provided at entrance to park and deposit with fee in designated box.


By the order of the Wichita Falls – Wichita County Health Unit, this overnight park may be used only by recreational vehicles that have water and sewage holding capability, due to the lack of public restrooms.


  • Vehicles must be parked only on designated spaces and may not be left unattended for more than 24 hours.
  • Campsites accommodate one family or party unit of not more than eight (8) persons. Persons under 18 years of age may stay overnight only if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or with his/her written permission.
  • All garbage, papers, cans, bottles and rubbish must be disposed of in containers provided for the disposal thereof or removed from the area.
  • The drainage of gray water from any vehicle is prohibited.

Prohibited Activities

The disposal of any body waste in or on any portion of the RV Park, other than in the sanitary dump station provided for that purpose, is strictly prohibited.

In order to maintain peace and quiet for the enjoyment of the campers, the following activities are prohibited between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. daily:
  1. Excessive noise from entertainment equipment that would disturb persons of ordinary sensibilities.
  2. Vehicle traffic, except for emergency purposes only.
  3. Persons conducting themselves in such a manner as to disturb campers who are sleeping.


The following general regulations shall be enforced for the RV Park:
  1. No persons shall light or build an open fire on the premises.
  2. Only charcoal – kindled fires in the grills are permitted.
  3. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the premises.
  4. Public nudity or disrobing is prohibited.
  5. Solicitation of funds, distribution of circulars, assemblies and demonstrations and the sale of items is prohibited unless the Director of Parks and Recreation gives permission.
  6. Loaded firearms are prohibited.
  7. All pets must be on a leash or confined.
  8. Please report anything out of the ordinary to the Wichita Falls Police Department at 940.720.5000.